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Broken Chair
Broken Chair
Im glad something funny happened here the...
Duration: 00:25
Waterslide From Work to Home
Waterslide From Work...
This may be one of the coolest ads I have ever...
Duration: 01:00
Formula 1 Race Car Crash
Formula 1 Race Car Crash
This cameraman had a front row seat for this...
Duration: 00:35
The Real Line Rider
This is not the Bosh we all know
Duration: 01:10
How to Destroy Your ATV
How to Destroy Your ATV
The hill didnt look that steep but this quad...
Duration: 00:19
Raccoon Encounter With Dog and Cat
Raccoon Encounter With...
This raccoon snuck into the house and helped...
Duration: 01:31
Sarah Palin Look-a-Like Goes Too Far
Sarah Palin...
This John McCain supporter had a perfect spot...
Duration: 00:15
Hippo sings Lions Sleep Tonight
Hippo sings Lions...
The dog actually does a little dirty dancing
Duration: 01:03
Smart Cat Gets His Peanut
Smart Cat Gets His Peanut
The cameraman seemed just as surprised
Duration: 00:27
Sexy Topless Blonde Gets Muff Slapped
Sexy Topless Blonde...
Blonde bombshell Ryan Fox talks about her...
Duration: 00:52
Sexy Skyler Gives Tessie a Breast Exam
Sexy Skyler Gives...
Watch this goofy behind the scenes clips of...
Duration: 01:09
Dont Piss Off An Alligator
Dont Piss Off An...
If you stick your hand in a gator expect to get...
Duration: 00:37
How Not to Unload a Car
This Subaru now has a few air holes after this...
Duration: 00:25
Batman Has a Conversation With Himself
Batman Has a...
Love the technology
Duration: 01:50
Noisy Drinking Cat
Noisy Drinking Cat
This cat makes some cute sounds while eating
Duration: 00:51
I Am Not a Whe
I Am Not a Whe
I have no idea how to describe this video
Duration: 03:14
Most Polite Motorcycle Chase Ever
Most Polite Motorcycle...
Im going to take an educated guess that this...
Duration: 01:11
Funny Golf Bloopers
Funny Golf Bloopers
This is a hilarious montage of golf bloopers
Duration: 01:22
Horse Says GET OFF
Horse Says GET OFF
This horse gave the jockey a rude awakening
Duration: 00:36
Tiger Enters the Mens Room
Tiger Enters the Mens...
I like a good prank as much as anyone but...
Duration: 00:24